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1) Prices – Goods will be invoiced at the prices prevailing at the date of shipment and are subject to change in accordance with JVR’s Price Policy

a) JVR’s Price Policy – all prices are subject to change with a minimum 30 days’ notice from the seller. All quotations are valid for 30 days from date issued.


2) Freight Terms – All prices are FOB JVR Food Packaging Solutions Ltd. unless previously determined through negotiation with the seller and confirmed in writing.

3) Payment Terms – Net 30 days on approved credit. A charge of 2% per month interest is applicable on overdue accounts.

4) Over or Under Run – A manufacturer’s tolerance of 10% over or under is applicable to all custom orders. This includes even multi-component products typically sold in complete sets.


5) Return Policy – Items will only be returned and credited in accordance with JVR’s terms and conditions.

a) Returns must be authorized in writing by seller via a Return Authorization (RA).

b) All products must be returned in the original packaging with all provided labels and in resale condition.

c) Special or custom order items are not available for return unless authorized by the seller.

d) Discontinued or clearance items are not eligible for return.

e) Defective or damaged items must be returned with 45 days of purchase and be in original packaging with all labels provided for tracking purposes.

f) No items older than 12 months are eligible for return.

g) All returns are applicable to a 15% restocking charge.

6) All accepted orders, quotations and delivery dates are confirmed in good faith by the seller. The seller is not responsible for delays resulting from accidents, shortage or failure of materials or transportation, acts or orders of law or other causes unavoidable or beyond our control.

7) Accepted orders will be subject to our current production schedule at the time of order unless otherwise arranged.

8) Seller shall be allowed a variation in weight or thickness of 10% over or under.

9) Orders in process of production are not subject to cancellation without written consent from the seller.

10) All stock or merchandise owned by the buyer and held or received by the seller, will be stored only at the Buyer’s risk and expense as determined by the seller.

11) All claims must be reported in writing to the seller within 10 days of receipt of goods. The seller is not liable for accidental or consequential damage or loss.

12) Artwork – All production artwork is subject to charges based on quotation and market rates.

13) Printing Plates and Steel Dies – All plates and custom dies are subject to charge at the time of the order. Printing plates and steel dies will be stored for the buyer at the seller’s expense for 2 years from the last run. Dies not used for more than 2 years or more are considered obsolete and will be disposed of unless otherwise arranged.

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